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If you want to make WYRE cofounder Tyler York smile, ask him about Zoom Video Communications, Inc. A veteran in the IT industry, York has worked on business phone systems for years. When looking for a system for his new company, WYRE Technology, he wanted a service that could provide complete mobility with ease of use, no intricate details, and less management than traditional systems. “Startups just don’t have time for that.”

In Zoom, York found what he was looking for. “There’s really no deficit. Only pros.”

Zoom offers modern companies like WYRE an all-mobile, cloud-based phone system while also providing physical systems to larger, more traditional companies. “Desk phones, conference room speakers—whatever a company’s staff is familiar with and comfortable using, Zoom has it. They aren’t ‘boutique,’ and they’re certainly not just for startups or small-to-medium businesses.”

York went on to explain that Zoom’s history as a company is different from other business phone system providers. Those providers began with phones, then tried to move into video conferencing. Zoom did the opposite, and that, in York’s view, is what gives them such an edge. “They got the complexity of video done first, then worked out the easier part of phone systems. Other companies are still trying to catch up.”

The idea for Zoom as a video service goes all the way back to 2011, and the beta for the app was completed in 2012. The idea caught on extremely quickly, and by 2013—one year later—Zoom had its one-millionth user (source).

Fast-forward seven years, and a global pandemic was closing the doors of businesses around the world. Because Zoom’s video platform was already familiar to so many, that’s where people turned to stay connected. By April 2020, Zoom reported “300 million daily meeting participants” (source).

But Zoom had also created a companion to its video service—a cloud phone service called Zoom Phone. And by 2021, it had sold 2 million Zoom Phone seats worldwide, including to companies like eBay (source; source).

WYRE was founded in early 2021, and after months of using Zoom’s cloud-based mobile service in-house, York was so impressed that he worked to make WYRE a Zoom partner.

“Your company might be a corporation, looking for a traditional service that offers support for familiar vendors like AudioCodes, DTEN, Neat, Poly, and Yealink. Zoom ensures compatibility—the equipment a business already uses is always supported.”

And if your team is small, mobile, and favors a cloud-based phone system? “Zoom works with all your devices and integrates with well-known applications like Slack, Salesforce, Google Workspace, and Microsoft Office 365.”

Whatever you’re looking for in a business phone system, Zoom has it. And WYRE not only helps you choose the right phone system for your specific needs, we also install, monitor, and support it.

Whether you’re in Chattanooga, Tennessee, or anywhere else around the world, your business deserves to be enabled. WYRE can help.

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