Legacy Systems: Problems and Solutions

Legacy system problems and solutions in Knoxville, TN

If your company has been around awhile, you’re probably familiar with the term legacy. In computing terms, legacy is the fancy way of referring to older, outdated, no-longer-supported software and hardware that’s still in use by a company. As you can imagine, legacy systems have their downsides. In 2020, technology market researchers Vanson Bourne conducted […]

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Video: Free Technology Assessment

With the uptick (again) in cybersecurity incidents, it’s time to consider a free Technology Assessment. And when we say it’s free, we mean it. No cost. No obligation. No-brainer. LET’S TALK

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Microsoft Business Solutions: 365, Azure, and Intune

woman working

If any company understands the challenges businesses face, it’s Microsoft. They’ve been in the game for decades and are still number one in the global software market (source). One reason is, they never stop supporting an end-of-life product without first offering a stronger, more secure one. Names change, but the feeling of familiarity stays the […]

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White Paper: Top 3 Business Network Problems and Their Solutions

When you think about your business computer network, what comes to mind? How easy it is to use? How frustrating? Every network shares similar challenges. In this white paper, WYRE Technology discusses the three most frequently encountered issues-along with ideas on how to fix them. (Be sure to look out for the bonus at the […]

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5 Reasons Your Business Needs an MSP

5 Reasons Your Business Needs An MSP | WYRE Technology in Chattanooga, Tennessee

5 Reasons Your Business Needs an MSP A managed service provider, or MSP, is the best friend a business can have. Why? Let’s find out! MSPs save your business money. Sometimes, the cost of having in-house IT staff is just too high for your budget. How high? Glassdoor estimates the average IT technician salary at […]

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WYRE IT Support: What It’s Like to Work with Us

WYRE Technology | What it's like to work with WYRE

When WYRE says we work differently, we know it’s up to us to prove it. That begins with outstanding technical support.   Today, we’re going to walk you through a typical user experience, and we think you’ll see why companies in Chattanooga and across the US are choosing WYRE… You wake up early one Friday, […]

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