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The Dark Web: What Is It, and How Can You Stay Safe?

April 25, 2023

Anonymous. Private. Uncensored. The dark web is something you often hear about, but its reality feels cloaked in fog, as though it’s too mysterious to be fully understood. In reality, it’s a simple concept: a “set of web pages on the World Wide Web that cannot be indexed by search engines, are not viewable in […]

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Interview: Anthony Jirouschek, Security Architect, on Penetration Testing

February 15, 2023

“Will you explain what penetration testing is-and isn’t?” Anthony: Penetration testing, or pentesting, is the authorized process of attacking a computer, network, or software for the purpose of identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities. Pentesting is not a magic button that will give you all the answers, but it is a necessary and valuable tool for any company […]

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Interview: Mike Wade, CTO, on Cybersecurity

February 14, 2023

“What cybersecurity issue are you seeing most in the field?” Mike: Definitely sophisticated phishing attacks. Specifically, spear phishing [i.e., directed at a specific person]. We see where people who are in financial roles are being targeted. The last one I saw was really crazy. It 100% looked like, “Hey, I’m supposed to enter my MS 365 credentials,” […]

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Working with WYRE on Wire Fraud

November 16, 2022

For any business, waking up to a wire fraud incident can be devastating. Money is missing, the network is compromised, and trust is broken. When your business is a WYRE client, however, a simple phone call is all it takes to begin the process of rebuilding. The Discovery Process When WYRE is alerted to a […]

Malware Explained

October 24, 2022

Chances are, the term malware has crossed your newsfeed recently. But what exactly is it? And why should you care? Malware is malicious code that finds its way onto your computer or network. Its intent is “to destroy data, run destructive or intrusive programs, or otherwise compromise the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of the victim’s […]

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Protect Yourself with Strong Passwords

April 25, 2022

Updated April 4, 2023. Identity theft. Ransomware. Data breach. Malware. Brute-force attack. If you’re familiar with any of these terms, chances are your stomach hurts just reading them. But being afraid doesn’t stop them from happening. With each passing year, security threats grow stronger, targeting more businesses. What are cybercriminals looking for? Credentials. In its […]