WYRE Technology was founded to solve a very specific problem. Our region—Chattanooga, Tennessee, and the surrounding areas—had few managed services providers (MSPs), and none had emerged as the clear choice for modern businesses. There was a serious need for a team with technical depth, a broad skill set, and amazing customer service.

Enter: WYRE

Cofounded by Mike Wade, Tyler York, Lee Behar, and Dave Baughn, WYRE leverages extensive experience in the IT industry with a focus on security, monitoring, management, and communication.


We want to empower businesses like yours through technology. To do that, we take the time to vet products in every category, from industry giants to new players carving out market share. The tech industry is extremely dynamic, and we've capitalized on starting fresh to bring a set of cutting edge, yet mature offerings that enable your staff and support your business.

Core Services:

  • Cybersecurity
  • IT support
  • Networking
  • Infrastructure
  • Device management
  • Identity and access management
  • Voice
  • Internet connectivity
Development Tools

Your Business, Your Way

WYRE customers span many industries, including:

  • Small and medium business
  • Multilocation retail
  • Enterprise
  • Manufacturing
  • Education
  • Industrial
  • Health care
  • State and local government

Whether your company already has an internal IT department or is searching for a trusted partner, WYRE is ready to build a relationship that helps you stay current and competitive.

Meet Some of Our Team

Mike Wade

CTO and Cofounder

Mike’s career in tech has been decades in the making. Starting with a fascination of programming as a kid, he got his first official job in the field in 1994. After gaining extensive experience in software development, cloud architecture, and advanced VoIP solutions, his ultimate goal was to start a company with like-minded people to bring enterprise solutions to small- and medium-size businesses in the region. In 2021, he succeeded, and WYRE was born.

On quiet days, he likes to spend time with his family, cook, restore pinball machines, and explore the world of bourbon.

Dave Baughn

COO and Cofounder

A veteran of the US Marine Corps, Dave has decades of experience in the field of IT, including running his own consulting business. Over the years, he worked his way up through the industry and honed his technical skills, focusing on networking and voice.

“WYRE was an opportunity to build a business we can all be proud of; to be able to provide exceptional service to our customers; to allow our customers to focus on their core business initiatives and less on IT; and to provide an environment where our team members can grow to their potential.”

He believes in WYRE, calling it “a great company with unlimited potential. It is an honor to be part of something this amazing with all of the team.”

Dave is actively involved in the amateur (ham) radio community. In summer 2020, he got his Technician license, then upgraded to General class. This year, 2022, he upgraded again to Amateur Extra and is a volunteer examiner in several local clubs in the area.

Tyler York

CEO and Cofounder

Tyler’s technical career began immediately after high school, when he enlisted in the US Air Force. During his time in the military, he served as a cybersystems operator in the 83rd Network Operations Squadron, stationed at Ramstein Airbase, Germany. This assignment fast-tracked his career development and prepared him for future deep technical roles in enterprise IT and consulting.

Later, as an engineer at TVA, his team drove automation initiatives and the first implementations of cloud technologies such as Azure and AWS.

This early cloud experience opened the door to consulting opportunities, where he helped architect cloud infrastructure for Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. With the business experience gained from consulting and connections made from years of high-level technical work, the foundation was laid.

In 2021, the founders of WYRE saw a need for an IT managed services and consulting company that provided uncompromisingly excellent customer service and expert technical assistance. WYRE was built to fill that need.

When Tyler isn’t busy at WYRE, he’s out on adventures with his family, chasing motorsports dreams, traveling, and enjoying nature.

Matt Klüg

Systems Administrator

Matt discovered IT as a kid. His knowledge and ability have been mostly self-taught, but he’s also had some great mentors.

Matt was looking for new opportunities in the IT field and met Mike and Dave while collaborating on a project together. In short order, they became friends. Through that friendship, an opportunity developed with WYRE, and today Matt is proud to be a part of the team.

In his spare time away from WYRE, Matt is a volunteer fire firefighter, He enjoys some time on the airwaves as an amateur radio enthusiast and dabbles in home handyman work.

Jerry Tse


With a deep background in sales, Jerry has the essential tools to manage new clients and current business. His passion is to empower people through education, helping them uncover win-win solutions. 

“I’ve been at WYRE since September 2021 and have the unique privilege of growing our sales department from scratch, with customer experience as our focus.”

Angela Wade

Director of Growth

Angela has been involved in the IT industry since the early days, working as technical support for various businesses in and around Chattanooga. In 2003, she moved to the field of publishing, where she spent years helping authors of all stripes find their voice—and their audience.

In 2022, it was time for another adventure, and she shifted into technical writing. With a passion for brainstorming, researching, planning, writing, and editing everything from marketing materials to security assessments to IT articles, Angela’s goal is to help WYRE connect with its customers in a meaningful way.

When she isn’t working, she spends her time hiking, birdwatching, painting, and reading.

Craig Soborowicz

Senior Engineer

Craig began his career in the IT industry back in 1998. His job was to manage DNS servers for a large telecommunications company.

Since then, he’s been able to learn a lot of different technologies—from networking and firewalls to public cloud and SDWAN. His personal favorite is networking, but he’s happy to have a wide breadth of experience.

In early 2023, he and WYRE found each other. He liked the people, and he felt that his varied experience was a great fit!

In his spare time, he enjoys reading and working on whatever home-improvement project his wife has dreamed up. He’s also a novice gardener and is learning how to not kill plants.

Patrick Wade

Graphic Designer

Patrick has always had an intuitive sense of both symmetry and design, and he realized this was the perfect fit for what WYRE needed. A visit to the office in 2021 clinched it. “I liked it so much that I wanted to come back. It spiraled from there. I’m very happy to have this job, and love working with the team.”

In his free time, he dabbles in art, music, writing, and programming, and has an extreme fascination with nature.


Beau Moffatt

Project Manager & Website Development

Beau started working in IT in 2001 while still in college. He has experience working on teams in both large organizations like BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee as well as with small and medium sized businesses.

He brings experience in managing projects, customer service and digital marketing to help clients find the right solutions for their specific needs.

For fun, Beau enjoys spending time with his family, playing golf, running and hiking. He is also a co-organizer of the WordPress Chattanooga Meetup.

Jeremy Roberts

Level II Technician

A veteran of the US Marine Corps and Army and Navy Reserve, Jeremy began his IT career in 2016 as a recruiter. In 2017, he moved to working as an IT desktop technician, then progressed to network administration.

Currently, he’s studying server administration.

He chose WYRE because he liked the small office/family feel. “It’s an amazing opportunity to work with so many different technologies.”

In his free time, Jeremy enjoys camping, trail running, writing, traveling, and learning new things. “At the moment, I am learning guitar and Japanese.”

Clark Bowen

Clark Bowen

Level I Technician

Since he was a child, Clark has had a passion for anything technological. He once started and owned a photography business that he eventually sold. Afterward, he taught himself how to build a computer from scratch and taught himself 3D modeling to a professional level.

He chose to work for WYRE because of the company culture and the importance it places on family. Also, not only does WYRE look for employees who like to learn, they also encourage and nurture learning.

In his free time, Clark enjoys reading and writing, traveling, learning something new (often tech-, physics-, or finance-related), developing new skills, rock climbing, or exercising.