Digital Transformation in Manufacturing Case Study

Digital Transformation in Manufacturing Case Study

When it comes to modern manufacturing, maintaining seamless operations is a multidimensional challenge.

From establishing resilient network infrastructure to safeguarding critical systems, the demands are relentless.

When a regional manufacturing company encountered these difficulties, they turned to WYRE for assistance in network optimization, cybersecurity enhancement, and technological modernization.

This digital transformation in manufacturing case study chronicles our collaborative efforts to empower their technology, bringing in new resources and creating an environment ready for growth and innovation.


The first project WYRE took on was the company's network. This vital lifeline had become a frustration and hinderance. Plagued by unreliability, it posed significant challenges, ranging from hampered access to critical systems like enterprise resource planning to production-interrupting outages. Staff weren’t able to connect to ERP, put in work orders, or monitor machinery.

  • WYRE performed a complete wireless network survey on nearly half a million square feet of manufacturing space. This survey laid the groundwork for modern inventory management integration with their ERP system, ensuring seamless operation across the production line.
  • We meticulously identified and corrected complex misconfigurations, restoring stability and reliability to the company’s network infrastructure.
  • When it came time for the client to expand to new office facilities, WYRE provided invaluable support in construction and network architecture design, ensuring a seamless transition and optimal connectivity across all locations.
  • Additionally, we guided the implementation of wire-feed tracking by working side by side with the software developer to build a system that monitored the feed on welding machines.

Our client's network underwent a remarkable transformation, resulting in the seamless integration of modern inventory management, alongside heightened stability and reliability.


To help the company get up to date with modern cybersecurity practices, we worked from the ground, up.

  • WYRE bolstered the company’s cybersecurity defenses by deploying our comprehensive suite of services. These included Avanan for advanced email security, EDR (endpoint detection and response), and MDR (managed detection and response). Additionally, we tightened network security measures, integrated Microsoft 365 for enhanced productivity and security, mandated multifactor authentication (MFA) for added layers of protection, and conducted in-person user training sessions to raise awareness and promote best practices.
  • We introduced AutoElevate to their infrastructure, ensuring staff members have access to necessary resources—without resorting to granting everyone elevated “admin” status. This proactive approach not only enhanced security by limiting unnecessary access but also streamlined operations by dynamically granting appropriate permissions.
  • Moreover, WYRE collaborated closely with the company’s private equity firm during a pivotal acquisition phase. By providing comprehensive cybersecurity insights and guidance, we facilitated the due-diligence process, alleviating concerns and instilling confidence. As a result, the company emerged as the cybersecurity benchmark within the PE firm's portfolio.

These changes not only enhanced production and operational efficiency, but also gave the company a strategic advantage, ensuring they no longer have to worry about security threats. Now, their digital assets and reputation are safeguarded.

enterprise resource planning


The implementation of an efficient enterprise resource planning (ERP) system played a pivotal role in the company's goals.

  • WYRE closely collaborated with the ERP vendor to orchestrate and optimize a seamless ERP deployment, ensuring maximum efficiency and effectiveness in integrating critical business processes.

This strategic partnership resulted in streamlined business processes, enhanced efficiency, and increased productivity, empowering the manufacturer to achieve their operational goals with confidence.


No modern manufacturing facility would be complete with robotics.

  • WYRE ensured their network was prepared for the implementation of fully autonomous robotic welding machines, alongside the integration of a new, teachable robotic welding machine.

This initiative streamlined manufacturing processes, enhancing efficiency and precision in welding operations

WYRE Always Helps

Working together—and fully supported by WYRE—this manufacturing company embarked on a journey to digital transformation. From fortifying cybersecurity defenses to optimizing network infrastructure and implementing advanced technologies, they are now marching confidently toward Industry 4.0.

If your manufacturing company is ready to enhance operations, mitigate risks, and improve service delivery anywhere in TN—Nashville, Knoxville, Memphis, Chattanooga—and beyond, let's talk!

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