Managed IT Service Provider in Chattanooga

You're tired of traditional solutions and clunky support.

WYRE works differently, providing a full suite of best-of-breed security, monitoring, and management tools that ensure your data is protected and your staff are free to focus on what they do best.


Emerging vulnerabilities and methods of attack present an enormous challenge to modern businesses like yours. WYRE’s experienced team assesses your current security posture and provides practical, progressive recommendations and solutions.

For ongoing protection, our managed security solutions keep your organization’s technology safe and secure. We deploy multiple layers of security and partner with leading vendors to prevent, detect, and respond to threats, giving you peace of mind.

IT Support

If you urgently need IT support but just don't have the resources to hire an internal IT team, WYRE has you covered. From sophisticated security solutions to everyday user support, our dedicated team takes care of you, even for the simplest problems. We process alerts, address your issues, and respond to emergency incidents 24/7/365—all for less than the cost of in-house IT staff.


Creating and maintaining a computer network can be an intimidating process. At WYRE, our dedicated engineers have decades of experience building and managing networks for businesses of all sizes. By leveraging our expertise, your company receives current, manageable solutions at the best value.

IT Infrastructure

Cloud and hybrid environments are the new norm, allowing your business to expand its borders and increase its capabilities with less cost, better efficiency, and more control. WYRE is your go-to solution provider, staying ahead of the technology curve and putting our extensive cloud experience to work for you.

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CIO as a Service

Who's your company’s current IT leader, keeping in touch with developing trends to streamline day-to-day operations? For many businesses, having a chief information officer, or CIO, on staff isn’t financially possible.

That’s why WYRE offers CIO as a Service, working in tandem with your organization to develop a measured IT strategy while saving you money, increasing productivity, and improving security. This service gives you unlimited access to high-level technical talent without the high-level cost.

User Device Management

The amount of technology devices your business relies on increases every year. Keeping them secure and organized is essential. With WYRE’s remote-monitoring-and-management suite for user device management, your devices are systemized and protected. Your business can run efficiently, and your staff is fully supported, no matter how or where they work.

Email, Accounts, & Apps

Is your company overrun by seemingly endless accounts and apps? WYRE not only actively monitors all customer accounts 24/7 to prevent and repair any issues, we also offer straightforward, user-friendly security training for your organization, teaching you and your staff how to prevent security breaches before they happen.

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About Us—Your IT Managed Service Provider in Chattanooga

WYRE Technology was founded to solve a very specific problem. Our region—Chattanooga, Tennessee, and the surrounding areas—had few managed services providers (MSPs), and none had emerged as the clear choice for modern businesses. There was a serious need for a team with technical depth, a broad skill set, and amazing customer service.

Enter: WYRE

Cofounded by Mike Wade, Tyler York, Lee Behar, and Dave Baughn, WYRE leverages extensive experience in the IT industry with a focus on security, monitoring, management, and communication.

We want to empower businesses like yours through technology. To do that, we take the time to vet products in every category, from industry giants to new players carving out market share. The tech industry is extremely dynamic, and we've capitalized on starting fresh to bring a set of cutting edge, yet mature offerings that enable your staff and support your business.

Industries We've Worked With

WYRE provides managed IT services in Chattanooga, TN, and our customers span many industries, including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Utility
  • Nonprofit
  • Health care
  • Veterinary
  • State and local government
  • Education

Whether your company already has an internal IT department or is searching for a trusted partner, WYRE is ready to build a relationship that helps you stay current and competitive.

A Case Study

Recently, a regional utility company reached out to WYRE. They were looking for help with security and modernization. 

Read how WYRE helped tackle their challenges, freeing up time and money so they could focus on serving their community.

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Our Process

1. Communication

Is your company’s technology empowering your business? Or is it limiting you and your staff from connecting with customers? WYRE always helps.

2. Consultation

WYRE’s no-cost, no-obligation Technology Assessment evaluates the strengths and weaknesses in your IT environment, from software to hardware and everything in between.

3. Conversation

In a one-on-one conversation with a friendly technology expert, you’ll learn the easiest, most effective way to make technology work for your business.

Here's What Our Customers Are Saying

"WYRE has helped prepare our organization for the future, and they are always willing to jump in and help. The effort and diligence put into our Security Assessment was greatly appreciated, and the report couldn’t have been more professional and easy to understand. We always look forward to working with the WYRE team!"

Heather Jones

Administrative Manager, Jefferson-Cocke County Utility District

"The WYRE folks are easy to work with, timely, reasonably priced, and smart. They’re my go-to for services they provide."

Rob Reagan

CTO, Text Request

"Wyre Technology has been a lifesaver for our organization. Their team has shown us many ways to be efficient and save money simultaneously, which is highly important for a nonprofit that serves the underserved cancer population. I would recommend Wyre Technology and Dave Baughn to any of our partners in the community."

Tina Harris

Executive Director, Chattanooga Tumor Clinic

"Hiring y’all was the best decision Lucent has made since I’ve been employed here!"

Caylie Sveda

Vice President of Operations, Lucent Glass

"Doing a great job and a great team to work with."

Matthew Brown

Director, Morgan County E-911