Wireless Site Survey

A wireless site survey helps businesses plan, design, and optimize their wireless network.

The goal? Ensuring your wireless network provides reliable coverage, optimal performance, and minimal interference.

WYRE helps business likes yours with every step of the process.

Pre-Survey Planning

We work to understand:

  • the goals of your wireless network,
  • the areas that require coverage,
  • the types of devices that will connect to the network, and
  • the desired performance metrics (e.g., signal strength, data rates, and roaming capabilities).

RF Environment and Interference Analysis

We use specialized tools like Ekahau to analyze the existing environment, looking for other wireless networks, electronic devices, physical obstructions (walls, floors, and furniture), and potential sources of interference (e.g., microwaves, Bluetooth devices, etc.).

Physical Site Assessment

During the wireless site survey, we physically walk the area, collecting information about the layout, structures, and potential obstacles. This information helps us figure out the optimal placement of wireless access points (APs) for maximum coverage.

AP Placement

Based on the data collected, we can plan strategic placement of wireless APs to ensure full coverage while minimizing dead zones. The amount and locations of APs depend on factors like the area's size, layout, and expected number of users.

Signal Propagation Analysis

We can simulate the transmission of wireless signals in the area using modeling software. This helps us estimate signal strength, interference levels, and potential gaps in coverage.

Channel Planning

We can figure out the best channels for each AP, which helps minimize channel overlap and co-channel interference.

Report Generation

We create a detailed report that includes your wireless site survey findings, recommended AP locations, channel assignments, and any other relevant information. This report serves as your blueprint for the actual deployment of your wireless network.

Post-Deployment Verification

Finally, after the wireless network is installed, we can perform a post-deployment survey to ensure the actual network performance matches the planned design. If necessary, adjustments to hardware and configurations can be made to optimize performance.

Wireless site survey

A wireless site survey is an essential step for any organization looking to create a robust, high-performance wireless network with specific coverage and capacity requirements.

WYRE has performed surveys for a variety of industries, including:

  • industrial
  • manufacturing
  • office environments
  • multi-tenant housing complexes

Best of all? We work in Chattanooga and across the country.

WYRE would love to help optimize your wireless network!