CIO as a Service

Technology is essential for modern business.

Having a network means having someone to manage it. Enter the chief information officer (CIO). Working side by side with other executives, CIOs help lead a company into the future: designing, implementing, and managing a network while ensuring solid security, top-notch user experience, and improved growth.

All these require continual research, close vendor partnerships, an innovative mindset, strong business sense—and, of course, time. Sounds costly? It is. Glassdoor estimates the average salary of a CIO at a whopping $166,615 (source)! For small and medium businesses (SMBs), this isn’t always within reach.

The cost of not having a CIO, however, is just as high. Without the right technology for your company, customers disappear, safety issues arise, and revenue stagnates.

So how do SMBs bridge the gap between what they need and what they can afford?

CIO as a Service

A key feature of WYRE’s IT managed services offering, CIO as a Service helps SMBs stay current, competitive, and innovative without the expense of an in-house CIO.

For customers utilizing CIO as a Service, WYRE’s first goal is to discover and detail all the facets of your current business environment. We then suggest necessary changes and project ideas, putting those plans into action and performing exactly what your business needs as quickly and conveniently as possible.

CIO as a Service doesn't stop there . . .

WYRE continues to work with you on your time, maintaining a consistent IT strategy and keeping your business connected, secure, and moving forward. We clarify technical lingo, turn industry news into action, and select only the best products for your needs. We also keep you up to date on useful technology developments and suggest ways to increase productivity.

IT Helping Server-Side Problems

At the heart of CIO as a Service are WYRE’s best-of-breed security offerings, going far beyond simple antivirus software to include state-of-the-art protection and remote management software. And to keep everyone on your staff in the know, WYRE also provides straightforward, user-friendly security training, ensuring confidence in the ability to prevent breaches before they happen.

The best part?

WYRE works how you work. Our diverse team responds to your issues promptly and can provide assistance both on-site and remotely. This gives you unlimited access to high-level technical talent and leadership without the high-level cost.

At WYRE, we believe businesses should be empowered by technology. Whether you’re in Chattanooga or beyond, we are ready to help.

Here's What Our Customers Are Saying

"WYRE has helped prepare our organization for the future, and they are always willing to jump in and help. The effort and diligence put into our Security Assessment was greatly appreciated, and the report couldn’t have been more professional and easy to understand. We always look forward to working with the WYRE team!"

Heather Jones

Administrative Manager, Jefferson-Cocke County Utility District

"The WYRE folks are easy to work with, timely, reasonably priced, and smart. They’re my go-to for services they provide."

Rob Reagan

CTO, Text Request

"Wyre Technology has been a lifesaver for our organization. Their team has shown us many ways to be efficient and save money simultaneously, which is highly important for a nonprofit that serves the underserved cancer population. I would recommend Wyre Technology and Dave Baughn to any of our partners in the community."

Tina Harris

Executive Director, Chattanooga Tumor Clinic

"Hiring y’all was the best decision Lucent has made since I’ve been employed here!"

Caylie Sveda

Vice President of Operations, Lucent Glass

"Doing a great job and a great team to work with."

Matthew Brown

Director, Morgan County E-911