Cybersecurity for Business

When it comes to cybersecurity, you are not defenseless.

At WYRE, we understand that the constant changes in vulnerabilities and methods of attack on computer networks present an enormous challenge to modern businesses. And we know how difficult it can be to stay current on updates, emerging technology, and industry news. That’s why WYRE offers every business—small and large, new and established—targeted security solutions for what matters most: email, endpoints, and networks.


Email is the backbone of communication. It's also one of the easiest ways for cybercriminals to gain access to your network. From phishing and SPAM to ransomware and malware, the vulnerabilities aren’t just in the applications themselves, but in the human element—the user at the keyboard.

To cover all the possible weak links, WYRE is proud to partner with Avanan, a specialized email security service. Avanan seeks and destroys malicious emails, files, and attachments before they reach your inbox.

It fits between other security offerings like firewalls and endpoint protection, and its AI technology works alongside your current email provider, rather than as a middleman. This means Avanan installs in minutes and is always learning, keeping your organization’s email secure through ever-evolving, leading-edge technology.

If there’s a security issue with your email, WYRE is your personal IT team. We offer 24/7 emergency support via phone, email, web portal, Slack, Microsoft Teams, or even text message. We’re there when and where you need us, and you’re never stuck facing email security issues alone.

But WYRE’s email security offerings don’t stop there. We’re a big believer in education as the first line of defense. Through seminars, classes, e-learning, and application tests, we empower users, teaching prevention and detection in straightforward, easy-to-understand terms.

The best part? Our email security and support is offered to businesses as a standalone service or as part of a managed package, meaning you get exactly what you need when you need it.

Computer Email Security


Endpoints are the frontline of security. Any device that connects to your business network is an endpoint: laptops, phones, printers, servers ... The list is endless—and so are the potential threats. To keep your company securely up and running, WYRE partners with not one, but three advanced detect-and-response security products.

The first two—SentinelOne and Datto—are endpoint detection-and-response, or EDR, platforms. These platforms deal with security threats proactively while also detecting and blocking attacks across your entire network.

If you have an internal IT team, SentinelOne allows them "to see data collected by disparate security solutions from all platforms, including endpoints, cloud workloads, network devices, email, identity, and more, within a single dashboard” (source). This is all done automatically by SentinelOne’s platform, saving your business time and money.

Don’t have an internal IT team? WYRE can help, keeping a close eye on SentinelOne and Datto's findings while offering you 24/7 emergency support.

RocketCyber is our third endpoint offering: a managed detect-and-response, or MDR, service. Through its Threat Monitoring Platform, it secures your company’s weakest entry points—from email and devices to documents and applications—whether via network or cloud.

What’s so impressive about RocketCyber is that it’s a managed service, meaning any security alerts from your network are immediately sent to RocketCyber's security operations center, or SOC, where they’re handled by a team of cybersecurity experts.

Think of the service like your home security system: when your house alarm goes off, it sends an alert to your security company, who then alerts the police and/or fire department. RocketCyber is the same, monitoring, detecting, and responding to security threats in real time, 24/7.

It’s easy to use and low-cost, giving even small businesses access to first-class protection.

Endpoint Computer Security


Computer networks are vulnerable to security threats for a number of reasons, including social engineering, malware, outdated software, and errors. But to exploit those vulnerabilities, a cybercriminal first has to access the network. Enter: the firewall.

A firewall is a security appliance that keeps a close eye on a network’s incoming and outgoing activity. It can be software- and/or hardware-based, and its purpose is to prevent malicious attacks.

For firewalls and intrusion prevention, WYRE partners with Fortinet to offer network security services. Fortinet is unique in offering next-generation firewalls, or NGFWs, for both cloud and hybrid environments. This means that no matter the size, state, or type of your current system, Fortinet likely has a product to fit—and secure—your business.

If Fortinet detects a security issue, the alert is sent directly to WYRE, whose 24/7 emergency support team will immediately investigate and respond to the issue. This means less downtime for your business—and a potentially enormous savings in cost.

Penetration Testing

If you’re curious about our business offerings but aren’t sure where to start, we recommend a WYRE penetration test. Our highly skilled and experienced team works side by side with your company to safely and confidentially determine its security weak points. We then walk you through our findings step by step and help you understand your vulnerabilities in detail, along with offering suggestions for fixing any gaps.

Penetration testing saves your business the downtime, cost, and frustration of potential security issues small and large.

Tying It All Together

Gone are the days when security measures could be implemented once and forgotten about. Today, maintaining constant vigilance and a proactive approach is paramount. That's why, in early 2023, WYRE added Liongard to our tech stack.

Liongard offers configuration change detection and response (CCDR). This automation platform inspects and documents system configuration states to help maintain IT governance and enhance risk mitigation.

It offers change detection, fortification of cybersecurity investments, and simplifies regulatory compliance.

Further, it enables proactive incident resolution by alerting on changes and misconfigurations to provide continuous security posture monitoring.

WYRE enables business through technology, and all our security offerings evolve as your business evolves. Whether you’re in Chattanooga, Tennessee, or anywhere else in the Southeast, we help you stay current, connected, and focused on what you do best. 

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