IT Support & User Device Management

Having a computer problem is bad enough.

Contacting IT support to fix that problem can be even worse. Confusing automated answering systems, irritatingly long wait times, having to guess whether or not your issue is being worked on ...

The fact is that customers are loyal to companies who provide better support (source). And “better support” means they want to talk to a real person, and they want that person to understand the problem (source).

Why should it be any other way?

The sad fact is that too many companies just don’t get it. Have you ever tried to get a live person on the phone at your internet service provider? How about your credit card company? And don’t even get us started on insurance companies . . .

WYRE works differently. Our number-one goal is to build lasting relationships with our clients. And that begins with our support offerings.

IT Help Support

Why Turn to WYRE?

  • You choose how you contact us: phone, email, web portal, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Instant Messenger, or even text message. No matter which contact method you pick, we answer. In fact, it’s a point of pride for us that none of our customers ever have to sit on hold or leave a voicemail.
  • You’re always supported. WYRE offers 24/7/365 emergency help. Anytime (and every time) you contact us, our support team immediately investigates and responds to your issue. Of course this means less downtime for your business—and a potentially enormous savings in cost. But what it really means is peace of mind.
  • You have access to specialists. WYRE’s engineering staff is handpicked for their exceptional IT experience. And we continue learning every day through one-on-one work with a variety of businesses. This extensive experience allows us to quickly diagnose issues and come up with workable solutions, no matter how complicated the issue.

  • You’re never too far. Sometimes, computer problems can’t be solved with a simple text or phone call. When the issue is more involved, WYRE comes to you. We’re based in beautiful Chattanooga, Tennessee, but we work with clients across the Southeast. We also take advantage of remote monitoring-and-management software, or RMM. This allows us to solve many problems from our home base, getting you back to business faster.
  • You’re always in the loop. To keep track of all the information you provide—past, present, and future—WYRE uses support-ticket software. This means we don’t ask the same questions twice and we can share questions and updates with our entire staff. Even more importantly, we can keep you updated on the status of your issue, from start to finish.
  • You’re treated like a human being. WYRE’s ultimate goal is to empower you to keep doing what you do best. From frontline workers to CEOs, we work hard to make everyone’s support experience the best it can be through attention to detail, empathy, honesty, and flexibility.

Now you see why people across Chattanooga and the Southeast are choosing WYRE: simple, step-by-step communication with experienced technicians who offer fast resolutions.

CIO as a Service Knoxville

User Device Management

Did you know WYRE also offers user device management? Desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets—anyway you do business, we remotely monitor and manage it, keeping a watchful eye for anything that doesn’t look or act quite right. This means we can proactively prevent problems before they happen, lessening the time you spend on support issues.

WYRE helps empower your business through technology, whether you’re in Chattanooga, Tennessee, or anywhere else in the Southeast. Contact us today.