Cybersecurity and Legacy System Modernization Case Study

Cybersecurity and Legacy System Modernization Case Study

Utility companies face enormous technology challenges.

From safeguarding against cyberthreats to ensuring the reliability of critical systems, the demands on these essential service providers are immense.

Recently, a regional utility company reached out to WYRE. They were looking for help with security and modernization. This case study details how we helped empower their technology, freeing up time and money so they could refocus on serving their community.


First—and perhaps most importantly—WYRE tackled cybersecurity:

  • performed penetration test
  • provided comprehensive report with recommendations
  • closed a huge number of vulnerabilities
  • segmented network
  • strengthened wireless passwords
  • implemented MFA
  • wrote and enforced a security policy
  • brought organization into compliance with energy infrastructure regulations
  • located and remediated PII breaches

These changes brought the company up to date with modern cybersecurity practices and allowed them to purchase a cyber risk insurance policy.


Then, WYRE modernized their entire network. This included:

  • all new Fortinet switches and firewalls
  • configured IPS/IDS on firewalls
  • standardized, stabilized, and optimized for performance
  • performed a wireless site survey and increased coverage to the entire facility and grounds fivefold
  • optimized ISP services and reduced cost

These changes alone saved the company thousands of dollars by eliminating the need for an outside security monitoring vendor, alongside increasing performance.

Cybersecurity and Legacy System Modernization Case Study


Next, WYRE upgraded all the company's computers:

  • SSDs are now standard
  • average workstation performance has increased by tenfold
  • upgrading unlocked ability to install modern EDR/MDR without sacrificing user experience
  • migrated to Microsoft Entra ID (previously Azure AD) and were able to retire EOL on-prem DC
  • migrated all users to Microsoft 365; implemented Intune to manage PCs

The move to VoIP alone saved the company thousands of dollars per month by retiring a legacy voice system and moving to a modern system with new features and the ability to work remotely.


Then it was time for full Microsoft 365 coverage:

  • moved email and file sharing to M365
  • moved from old-school AT&T IMAP email
  • made MFA possible
  • increased mailbox sizes by approximately fifty times
  • eliminated the need for PSTs on workstations
  • retired on-prem EOL server/OS
  • migrated file shares to SharePoint

These changes increased security and accessibility by untold multiples.

WYRE Always Helps

The challenges facing utility companies in the realm of technology are substantial and complex. But you don't have to face these issues alone. Innovative solutions and a strategic partner like WYRE can make the journey easier.

If your utility company is ready to enhance operations, mitigate risks, and improve service delivery anywhere in TN—Nashville, Knoxville, Memphis, Chattanooga—and beyond, let's talk!

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