What Is an MSP?

What Is an MSP? Nashville, TN

MSP: another unhelpful term floating in the acronym soup of IT.

What does it mean?

Simply put, an MSP—or managed service provider—sets up and supports the technology that keeps your business running.

For WYRE, this includes:

• support
• networking
• infrastructure
• voice
• device management
email, accounts, and apps

In the past, getting help with your technology meant utilizing the break/fix model. When anything computer-related broke, you called a person who was knowledgeable about IT to fix it.

Think of the plumbing system in your house. You see a pool of water on the floor of your basement, and you call a plumber.

This model is reactive, at best.

Today’s MSPs work proactively, monitoring and managing your technology to keep the entire system running smoothly.

Minor problems are caught before they cause bigger issues, saving you downtime, money, and of course, unnecessary stress.

Best of all, MSPs give you freedom of choice. Whether you want to turn over some—or all—of your technology headaches, MSPs work with you to build a solution that fits.

About WYRE Technology - Your Managed IT Services Provider in Chattanooga, TN

How to Choose a Managed Service Provider

From the outside, most managed service providers (MSPs) look a lot alike.

Their services follow the core of IT:

  • support
  • cybersecurity
  • networking
  • infrastructure
  • device management
  • email, accounts, and apps
  • voice
  • disaster recovery

Supported apps are standard, too, and include everything from the popular MS 365 to industry-specific software.

Cost, of course, varies, but you already know that choosing any provider based on price alone is not the way to go.

Digging Deeper

The differences in MSPs become apparent when you dig into the details:

Some are local to your area. Others manage their customers remotely.

Some only work with enterprises. Others, with SMBs.

Some only offer break-fix services, while others are one-stop shops.

To find an MSP that works with businesses like yours, all you have to do is check a few websites and make some phone calls.

That’s relatively easy.

Finding an MSP that fits your business beyond the physical details? That can be a challenge.

What Sets WYRE Apart?

WYRE doesn’t focus on technology.

We focus on people and relationships.

It should be assumed—if we’re in this business and not dead in the water—that we’re good at our jobs. That’s expected.

What’s not expected?

  • kindness
  • empathy
  • friendliness
  • responsiveness

Being real.
Being present.
Being live.

Some call WYRE a “white-glove” MSP.

We say:

We show up.

You’re an established customer with 500 employees getting ready to move offices? We’ll be there.

An SMB hundreds of miles away experiencing a cybersecurity attack? We’ll be there.

Anytime and every time you contact WYRE, what you’ll hear from us is always the same:

“How can I help?”

Your Business, Empowered

For so long, there’s been a disconnect between users and IT companies. Our “Why?” works to rebuild that connection. That’s the service in managed service provider.

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About WYRE Technology—Your Managed IT Services Provider in Chattanooga, TN

WYRE Technology was founded to solve a very specific problem. Our region—Chattanooga, Tennessee, and the surrounding areas—had few managed services providers (MSPs), and none had emerged as the clear choice for modern businesses. There was a serious need for a team with technical depth, a broad skill set, and amazing customer service.

Enter: WYRE

Cofounded by Mike Wade, Tyler York, Lee Behar, and Dave Baughn, WYRE leverages extensive experience in the IT industry with a focus on security, monitoring, management, and communication.

We want to empower businesses like yours through technology. To do that, we take the time to vet products in every category, from industry giants to new players carving out market share. The tech industry is extremely dynamic, and we've capitalized on starting fresh to bring a set of cutting edge, yet mature offerings that enable your staff and support your business.

Your Business, Your Way

WYRE provides managed IT services in Chattanooga, TN, and our customers span many industries, including:

  • Small and medium business
  • Multilocation retail
  • Enterprise
  • Manufacturing
  • Education
  • Industrial
  • Health care
  • State and local government

Whether your company already has an internal IT department or is searching for a trusted partner, WYRE is ready to build a relationship that helps you stay current and competitive.

About WYRE Technology - Your Managed IT Services Provider in Chattanooga, TN

WYRE Always Helps

Curious if we'd be a good fit for your company? If you’re looking for a technology company anywhere in TN—Nashville, Knoxville, Memphis, Chattanooga—and beyond, let's talk!

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