Comanaged vs. Fully Managed IT Services

Comanaged vs. fully managed IT Tennessee

Whether you want to turn over some or all of your technology headaches, WYRE will help build a solution that fits.

Some businesses are looking for help with all of their IT. This is called “fully managed.

Others only need help in an area or two—"comanaged.”

We asked CEO Tyler York to explain how WYRE works with both scenarios:

“ Imagine IT functions as a layer cake."


"In fully managed, WYRE is the whole cake.” This means we handle everything from infrastructure and networking to cybersecurity and compliance.

“Comanaged is when the customer handles one or more of the layers, and we do the rest. Most often, that’s the strategic-leadership layer, so the inverse of CIO as a Service.

"Sometimes, it’s that and frontline support, and we’re the systems-and-network team.

"Other times, we just do the support side.

“It’s very flexible, which is why it’s one of our most popular services.”

Your Business, Your Choice

WYRE tailors our solutions to your needs.

This means you can stay strategic, work on what you want to, and direct us.

We become your army of competent professionals.

When it comes to comanaged vs. fully managed IT in Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, or anywhere else in the Southeast and beyond, WYRE is your technology specialist.

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