Our Core Values

WYRE Technology Chattanooga, TN

WYRE was formed to solve a very specific problem.

Our region—Chattanooga, Tennessee, and the surrounding areas—had few managed services providers (MSPs), and none had emerged as the clear choice for modern businesses.

In February 2021, three of WYRE’s cofounders quit their jobs and fully committed to changing that. We were the new kid on the block, but our founder team had worked together in Fortune 500 consulting, MSPs, cybersecurity consulting, and more.

From the beginning, our mindset and strategy have always been a little different than most. From a business standpoint, we behave more like a SaaS startup than a traditional MSP. Brand-building was taken seriously from the very beginning, and we weren't afraid to take risks.

But at our core, WYRE is all about people. That means we foster real relationships with the people who make up our client base, while investing in an amazing team.

People say there's no such thing as a team of all A-list players, but we beg to differ. In our experience, you just have to offer the most fulfilling and rewarding environment available to attract that level of talent.

Our team is the best we've ever worked with, and we've cultivated an amazing culture of unimpeachable character, practiced intelligence, and relentless drive.

Core Values

To be part of WYRE, technology expertise is a must, but that’s not everything we look for. There are some things that can’t be taught.

We thought long and hard about what made the WYRE team different and set out to clearly capture and define those traits. Through that process, we discovered that our nonnegotiable core values are:

  • Character: Being personable and demonstrating integrity, humility, and adaptability.
  • Intelligence: Consistently exhibiting improvement based on experience and education.
  • Drive: Displaying self-motivation and taking ownership of one's role in achieving both team and personal goals.

What these core values mean for our clients is that WYRE’s service isn’t just personalized; it’s people-centered. When you call us, you get help beyond a technology solution.

For us—and for you—it’s about problems solved. Not tickets closed.

We would love to help you with whatever is holding your business back.

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