SEO Best Practices: How WYRE Keeps It Real

SEO Best Practices in Cleveland, TN

Have you ever looked at a website and been bombarded by page after page of salesy, repetitive language?

Every specialty, every locale, in every possible configuration:

• IT consulting Chattanooga
• IT consulting services Cleveland
• IT managed service provider Knoxville
• IT support Nashville

In order for pages to appear near the top of a Google search, they have to be written for search engine optimization, or SEO.

SEO best practices dictate that a page includes keywords—words or terms that users will search for when looking for a product or service.

Beyond that, Google uses a ranking system. It sorts “through hundreds of billions of webpages and other content in our Search index to present the most relevant, useful results. ... Algorithms look at many factors and signals, including the words of your query, relevance and usability of pages, expertise of sources, and your location and settings” (source).

There’s a system in place, and following that system gets results.

WYRE Had a Decision to Make

We recently had an SEO audit performed on our site. The results were what we expected—some things were working well, while others needed adjusting.

We focused first on making the user experience (UX) the best it could be. This meant speeding up load times by:

  • moving our site to its own server.
  • changing the format of large images.
  • removing unused JavaScript and CSS.

When it came to the SEO best practices recommendations, however, we hesitated.

The traditional way of ranking in Google searches decrees that we fill our site with repetitive pages, each one with a slightly different version of a keyword or term. That way, no matter what you search for, we show up.

Our competitors do this. So we considered it.

It felt ... wrong. Not quite who we are.

WYRE exists as a disruption to the standard way of doing things. So why were we trying to fit into the same box as everyone else?

Keeping It Real—Beyond SEO Best Practices

Anytime and every time you search for technology help, we want to show up. And we’re willing to do what it takes to make that happen.

But not at the expense of who we are.

WYRE doesn’t focus on technology. We focus on people and relationships.

We want your experience with us to feel responsive, helpful, and friendly. Our website is a big part of that.

Clients tell us time and again that their decision to get in touch was made because of our website.

Why would we change those things just to rank a little higher in a search?

We wouldn't. And if you're reading this, you found us anyway.

Expect more. Experience WYRE.

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