What Is RMM? Remote Monitoring and Management for Business

Remote monitoring and management in Nashville, TN

Remote monitoring and management: easy to install, cost-effective, and secure.

Also called RMM, this technology allows your managed services provider, or MSP, to proactively look after your company’s IT.

Using ​​cloud-based software installed on your computer and/or network, RMM gives secure access to your tech support team.

This means that MSPs like WYRE can solve many problems virtually—and keep your business running smoothly.

With RMM, WYRE can remotely:

  • install and update software, including ​​antivirus protection
  • receive system alerts
  • respond to support needs
  • tackle cybersecurity issues
  • automate maintenance tasks, like backups and patch installation
  • utilize logs and analytics to help us better understand network trends


As you can imagine, the upsides of RMM for businesses are big :

  • You experience less downtime and the cost of break/fix support. RMM means WYRE can keep a watchful eye on how your computer and network are performing. This helps us catch many issues before they turn into big problems.
  • You’re always protected, no matter where you are. Because RMM allows us to work from our home base, you save the time and cost of WYRE traveling on-site when there’s an issue. This means that no matter where in the world you’re located, WYRE has your back.
  • You’re free to focus on your business. Through RMM software, WYRE is kept up to date on current and possible issues within your network. We’re immediately alerted when a problem appears, big or little, and we can typically fix that problem without interrupting your business.

And Don't Forget ...

RMM is scalable. It can be used for a single computer or for all the devices on your company network.

For computers, WYRE prefers Datto RMM. For networks, we use Auvik. These two products offer the best balance of features at a solid value. Even better? They work with your existing system.

We Always Show Up

WYRE's customer service is second to none. Anytime and every time you want us on-site, we’ll be there.

But for the times you just want it done, remote monitoring and management is the answer.

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