Interview: Dave Baughn, COO, on Changing MSPs

Dave Baughn Interview

"What are some reasons a business might want to change MSPs?"

Dave: There are three main reasons.

1. Traditional IT can’t keep up. Not all IT companies who offer managed services are true MSPs. Many traditional IT companies offer “managed services,” but it is not their core business. As your business grows, so do your IT needs. With growth comes new challenges and needs that your current IT company may not be equipped to handle.

2. Personal relationships. Another reason you might change MSPs is due to personnel turnovers. When key players leave a business, the dynamic changes and so do these relationships.

3. Cost savings. Pricing can be another reason to change, but I must urge caution on this one. Any “good” MSP is worth their weight in gold. Businesses must continuously evaluate cost. However, unless your core business is technology, you should consider outsourcing that responsibility to a reputable MSP.

"What is the process of changing MSPs? What parts of the process does WYRE cover?"

Dave: Changing MSPs can seem like a daunting task for the customer. However, WYRE makes that process as seamless and painless as possible.

The customer’s responsibility is to understand their current contractual obligations with their existing provider and notify them of the intent to terminate that contract.

The customer is also responsible for providing WYRE with the contact information of the current provider and any documentation that would be helpful in the transition.

From there, WYRE takes the ball and runs with it. We work directly with the previous provider to gather all necessary information and details required to make the transition as nondisruptive as possible. WYRE notifies the customer of the intended transition date and ensures that all parties are in agreement.

"What’s the most important thing potential clients should know about changing MSPs?"

Dave: Not all MSPs are the same. If a true MSP is what you are looking for, then managed services should be their primary focus and not just a portion of their business.

Here at WYRE, managed services are our primary function. We want to empower your business to focus on what it does best.

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