Interview: Anthony Jirouschek, Security Architect, on Pentesting

Penetration Testing Chattanooga, TN

"Will you explain what penetration testing is—and isn’t?"

Anthony: Penetration testing, or pentesting, is the authorized process of attacking a computer, network, or software for the purpose of identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities.

Pentesting is not a magic button that will give you all the answers, but it is a necessary and valuable tool for any company that wants to identify potential issues—before a threat actor does.

"What would you tell people who are nervous about what a pentest might uncover about their technology?"

Anthony: Pentests are strictly confidential.

Pentests require legal contracts to be in place, outlining what assets of the customer can be tested and what can’t. Without these contracts in place, the test is not a legal assessment.

These contracts create a legally binding agreement between the performing company and the customer, and can be modified to explicitly cover any worry the customer might have.

"Is pentesting expensive? Is there a more affordable option?"

Anthony: Like most products, when it comes to pentests, price does not equate to value.

With this in mind, there are several factors that can influence the price, such as:

  • the tooling utilized,
  • the scope of the engagement,
  • the experience of the testers, and
  • so on.

Before purchasing a test, it is important for the customer to verify that all requests can be met, including the test window, which will ensure the price is reflective of the desired outcome.

Penetration Testing by WYRE


Our highly skilled and experienced team works side by side with your company to safely and confidentially determine its security weak points.

We then walk you through our findings step by step and help you understand your vulnerabilities in detail, along with suggestions for fixing any gaps.

Penetration testing saves your business the downtime, cost, and frustration of potential security issues small and large.

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