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Problem/Solution: We Work with Small Businesses.

February 6, 2023

Problem: Your small business needs IT help. Solution: WYRE. Like you, WYRE understands that small businesses don’t always have “small” technology problems. If you’re experiencing: the confusion of software licensing the irritation of weak Wi-Fi coverage the frustration of outdated hardware the panic of cybersecurity threats … WYRE can help! READY TO GET STARTED? LET’S […]

Video: Free Technology Assessment

February 3, 2023

With the uptick (again) in cybersecurity incidents, it’s time to consider a free Technology Assessment. And when we say it’s free, we mean it. No cost. No obligation. No-brainer. LET’S TALK

WYRE Technology provides IT Consulting in Chattanooga, TN

Problem/Solution: You Need IT Consulting in Chattanooga.

February 3, 2023

Problem: You’re looking for IT consulting in Chattanooga. Solution: WYRE. Our services cover everything you need to keep your company moving forward:  IT support Cybersecurity Networking Device Management User Education If you’re looking to save money, increase productivity, and-most importantly-get some peace of mind, we’d love to help you with IT consulting in Chattanooga! READY […]

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MS 365 and Azure AD Licensing for Small Businesses

January 10, 2023

Microsoft 365 is a great fit for small businesses. Why? Its robust inclusion of products and services: Microsoft Office OneDrive cloud storage hosted email, your own business domain (e.g.,, shared calendars, shared storage and files, video and audio conferencing, and real-time collaboration through Microsoft Teams (source). Add in Azure Active Directory, a “cloud-based identity […]

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Microsoft Business Solutions: 365, Azure, and Intune

January 3, 2023

If any company understands the challenges businesses face, it’s Microsoft. They’ve been in the game for decades and are still number one in the global software market (source). One reason is, they never stop supporting an end-of-life product without first offering a stronger, more secure one. Names change, but the feeling of familiarity stays the […]

The FTC Safeguards Rule: Explained

December 12, 2022

The Federal Trade Commission’s Standards for Safeguarding Customer Information, or Safeguards Rule, was created to protect the private information of your customers. This complex rule applies to “financial institutions subject to the FTC’s jurisdiction” (source). Certain types of businesses have recently been reclassified. As of June 9, 2023, the following industries (and several others) will be subject […]

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Working with WYRE on Wire Fraud

November 16, 2022

For any business, waking up to a wire fraud incident can be devastating. Money is missing, the network is compromised, and trust is broken. When your business is a WYRE client, however, a simple phone call is all it takes to begin the process of rebuilding. The Discovery Process When WYRE is alerted to a […]

White Paper: Top 3 Business Network Problems and Their Solutions

November 14, 2022

When you think about your business computer network, what comes to mind? How easy it is to use? How frustrating? Every network shares similar challenges. In this white paper, WYRE Technology discusses the three most frequently encountered issues-along with ideas on how to fix them. (Be sure to look out for the bonus at the […]

Malware Explained

October 24, 2022

Chances are, the term malware has crossed your newsfeed recently. But what exactly is it? And why should you care? Malware is malicious code that finds its way onto your computer or network. Its intent is “to destroy data, run destructive or intrusive programs, or otherwise compromise the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of the victim’s […]

WYRE Is Hiring!

October 21, 2022

NOTE: As of January 2023, we have filled all positions. Thanks for your interest!   About Us: WYRE Technology is a Chattanooga-based IT managed service provider. We empower businesses through technology, providing proven solutions to the most pressing technology issues and time-consuming tasks. Our services include cybersecurity; IT support; network engineering; server infrastructure projects; user […]