Internet Connectivity Services

WYRE Technology provides internet connectivity services in Chattanooga.

Internet connectivity is a simple idea with enormous impact.

It allows you to communicate with everyone from staff to customers to vendors, whether through video conferencing, file sharing, order management, or even marketing.

Simply put, when connectivity works, your business works.

But to achieve that connectivity, you first need to find an internet provider—one that offers fast and reliable service while keeping costs low and flexibility high. After all, connectivity should grow with your business, not hinder it.

Finding the best internet connectivity service comes down to a matter of time. Time to research the best solution. Time to talk with different providers. Time to walk them through the details: what you need, when you need it, and how much you’re willing to pay. Then comes management of the new system: Who keeps it running? How are problems handled? And how much does all this cost?

Enter: WYRE.

WYRE is your internet connectivity personal shopper. We find the best service tailor-made to fit your business—and we manage that service for its lifetime.

Whether your company is expanding to new sites across the country or you’re wondering if your long-time internet provider is still a good value, WYRE takes the guesswork out of the equation. We retain close relationships with both local and nationwide internet providers and all major telecom providers. This allows WYRE to negotiate the best pricing on your behalf.

None of this matters, however, if your internet connection goes down. Seasonal storms, equipment failures, or even network congestion (i.e., too many users)—the list of possible problems is endless.
For modern companies, internet connectivity is crucial—they just can’t run without it. Ask yourself: How much does downtime cost your business? Can your employees work without internet? Can you still take customer payments?

WYRE has you covered.

We offer a service you may not have even considered: a secondary, or backup, internet connection. And it’s surprisingly affordable!

Backup internet connections are exactly what they sound like: stripped down versions of the original that allow critical applications to continue to operate. During an internet outage, this secondary connection ensures your business can still take calls, send emails, and continue accepting customer orders. This backup connection often uses a cellular provider, providing you with fast, low-cost 4G or 5G internet only when necessary. Traffic can be limited to business-critical applications, freeing you from the risk of costly overage fees.
The best part? You’re never alone. Whether it’s a service outage, performance slowdown, or billing issue, WYRE makes the problem our own, working with your internet connectivity provider until the issue is fixed.

All of this is paired with our highly rated customer support, available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. This means that no matter where your business takes you, internet connectivity is never a concern.

Has internet connectivity been on your mind? Have questions you’d like straightforward answers to? It doesn’t matter if you’re in Chattanooga or elsewhere, when you’re ready to get connected, let us handle IT.